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“Whether we look upon driving from the point of view of business or of pleasure, it is certain that no man who has had much of it but feels his pulse quicken, and a sense of enjoyment pervade him, when sitting behind one, two or four quick and well put together horses ”
The Duke of Beaufort, 1889

Carriage Driving is the only magazine dedicated entirely to sport and recreation with the harness horse. It is a must read publication for all carriage driving enthusiasts, covering all aspects of recreational and competitive driving, including private driving, light trade, coaching, show Hackneys, scurry driving and horse driving trials.

Published every month, every issue of the magazine is jam-packed with all the latest driving news, views, show and competition coverage, together with regular features, such as: Over The Tandem Bar - its very own gossip column; In the Ribbons - keeping you up-to-date with all the results; Veterinary and Legal matters - containing essential advice; Training - with tips to help you enhance your driving skills; and Junior Spotlight - for those up and coming youngsters.

In addition, the magazine's extensive classified advertising section is the best place to buy and sell your driving horses, harnesses and carriages, as well as advertise all your other carriage driving services.

Carriage Driving magazine is available in the UK and abroad either through subscription or from your newsagent or local trade outlet. All UK subscribers receive a free Carriage Driving calendar with their December issue, which includes all those important driving dates, providing an invaluable source of information together with some stunning photography.

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